About CSUC Organic Vegetable Project

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The Organic Vegetable Project (OVP) at Chico State’s University Farm is a grant-funded, student-run project which completed its first year of harvest in 2008. The project is a 1 acre, certified organic plot which is in production year round. Produce is served seasonally to campus diners through Associated Students Food Service. Our produce is also sold on campus, Wednesdays from 11 am to 2 pm.

The collaboration brings together students, faculty, local farmers, and other community members who intend to promote the wise use of resources and preservation of local food production. Its goals are to support local farmers with information, the community with educational workshops, students with valuable management and research skills, and the university campus with fresh produce.

One major objective of the project is to grow, evaluate, and identify the most promising new vegetable varieties in an effort to provide local organic growers with information. In this way, we can educate our neighboring farmers about certain varieties that are highly desirable or that may come with problems. Community outreach is another goal of the project, and we invite any groups who have interest to come out for a tour.

Dr. Lee Altier – Faculty – 530-898-4137