Goals & Objectives

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Strengthen Local Food Security

  • Increase community education and direct participation in our local farm-to-fork food webs
  • Collaborate with local organizations devoted to food security, with community service-learners, and with experts in organic growing, edible city building, and fresh food preparation
  • Link local growers, under-resourced populations, and help-agencies in a collective effort

Support Community Gardens

  • Help expand existing community gardens, and start new ones
  • Enliven derelict and unused urban properties

Support Small Farmers

  • Provide outreach to new and young farmers
  • Assist small farmers markets serving low-income growers and areas with up-front operational costs


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Provide Workshops

  • Offer on-site instruction in high-yield, low-cost organic farming in urban and rural environments
  • Bring culinary exhibitions to urban farming workshops and  to farmers markets to demonstrate low-cost, ethnically rich techniques to prepare and preserve produce

Promote Local, Healthy Use of Nutritional Assistance Funds

  • Provide technical assistance to farmers markets and Community-Supported Agriculture businesses (CSAs) in becoming EBT-enabled (i.e., to accept CalFresh cards)
  • Provide a variety of incentive events and activities to bring CalFresh/EBT recipients to farmers markets and CSAs

Support Lower-Income Residents

  • Creatively increase the availability of locally grown produce
  • Promote participation in Farmers’ Markets and CSAs
  • Provide nutritious food to those most in need
  • Decrease isolation associated with economic stress